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The year is 2003... In our world, that is when the United States invaded Iraq. However, in this timeline, the United States instead invaded Iran. Not only that, but they also overthrow the Assad regime in Syria. This would have massive consequences to the entire world. The Persian world is now full of Shia Islamic Radicals, as well as in the Arab World. Shia revolts have occurred in occupied Iran, Bahrain, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Afghanistan and even Saudi Arabia. Sectarian violence is getting worse and worse, but can you solve the crisis?

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Nations Edit

  • Republic of Turkey-
  • Republic of Iran (Rump State)-
  • Muslim Liberation Army( A Shia muslim terror group that intends to create a Shia caliphate, similar to Isis/Daesh Isil)-
  • Islamic Republic of Syria-
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-
  • Republic of Iraq-
  • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan-
  • Islamic Republic of Pakistan-
  • United Arab Emirates-
  • State of Israel-
  • Kingdom of Bahrain-
  • Free Bahrain Army-
  • Palestine-
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