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The Federal Union of the Swedish Tribes
Full name The holy Federal Union of the Swedish Tribes and States
Capital Kelisten
Self-identity Tribal city state
Cultrual Region Southern Scandinavian
Lauguage Germanic/Local


The state is created by the tribes of southwestern Sweden. It is like a HRE state were states work together to achieve a goal and acts like a country, but the federal republics gain their own autonomy inside their territory.

There's a lot of members of the union and I'm a little lazy to list them all out.

  • Suehan


The federal union of the Swedish tribes is a pretty young country, only having a history of a mere 7 years. But it's former tribes, such as Suehan and Bohüslan, have a somewhat longer history.

936-920 BCEdit

  • 936: the tribe of Suehan begin to emerge from southwest Sweden.
  • 921: the tribe of Suehan begin to form a local military-economical power.

920-900 BCEdit

  • 913: the tribe of Bohüslan begin to emerge.
  • 910: the tribe of Vanick begin to emerge.
  • 906: the tribe of Hasen begin to emerge.
  • 905: the tribe of Bahist begin to emerge.
  • 905: the tribe of Gønel begin to emerge.
  • 904: the tribe of Hekel begin to emerge.

900-880 BCEdit

  • 899: the federal union of the Swedish tribes formed after the tribes were mad at the Danish and they offer loyalty for protection.

Our view of the worldEdit

SuehanianconceptoftheworldAltEurope The state in the tip of the Sweden is us bordered by a 1 px wide border with the nomads/tribes. Red means enemy and dark blue is trade partner while green indicates ally(none as of 830BC). The pink indicates the sphere of influence and light pink represents the weaker sphere of influence. Dark grey indicates neutral states. This is all we have on our map since we aren't really a mapper. The map is outdated.


  • Northern Swedish Tribes: Very good
  • Southern Swedish Tribes: Influenced
  • Eastern Swedish Tribes: Influenced
  • Jutish: Nuetral
  • Danish: Enemy
  • Saxon: Friendly
  • Everything else:Neutral


Swiss policy with expansionism, basically friendly toward anyone, almost non-aligned.


  • Farming: irrigation, bronze tool, domestication, herd, etc.
  • Battle: Better-than-usual Swords, Pro Bow and Arrow,good battleships, and basic scouts.


The army is divided into 3 groups: North, South and Centre.


(note: bigger grade=better quality)

Ships Grade 1 Ship(North) Grade 2 Ship(South) Grade 3 Ship(Centre) Grade 4 Ship(Centre) Grade 5 Grand Loyal Ship(Leader's)
Crew 10 25 45 65 90
Amount 13 10 9 3 1

As of 830BC, 800 people signed up for the navy, which is not enough to fill all the ship.

Total crew: 130+250+405+195+90=1060


There's also tiers for the soldiers that served. Tier 1 is the best and Tier 4 is the worst. Everybody who signed up for the navy is already a soldier.

Soldiers Tier 1 Swordsman Tier 2 Swordsman Tier 3 Swordsman Tier 4 Swordsman Tier 1 Shooters Tier 2 Shooters Tier 3 Shooters Tier 4 Shooters Tier 1 Scout Tier 3 Scout Tier 4 Scout
Amount 60 35 50 45 110 175 180 240 6 1 1


None to date

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