Post-Great War

  • 1919: Treaty of Versailles lets Serbia annex Bosnia. Hungary while broken away from Austria, retains control of Croatia.
  • 1920: Greece Restores its monarchy. Prohibition in the US begins. Mexican Revolution ends.
  • 1921: Greece wins the battle of Sakarya destroying the Turkish army in Anatolia. Adolf Hitler becomes Fuhrer of the Nazi Party. Hyperinflation begins in the Weimar Republic.
  • 1922: Treaty of London, Greece annexes large swaths of Western Anatolia, including what remains of Thrace. Irish Free State established. Ottoman Empire/Sultanate abolished. Italian re-conquest of Libya. Washington Naval Treaty is rejected. Union of Soviet Socialist Republics formed becoming the worlds first communist state.
  • 1923: German hyperinflation ends with the introduction of the Rutenmark. Beer Hall Putsch attempted by Adolf Hitler. Republic of Turkey established by Kemal Ataturk.
  • 1924: Death of Vladimir Lenin in the Soviet Union, Leon Trotsky takes power in the Soviet Union, Stalin and his supports flee into exile in Georgia.
  • 1925: Benito Mussolini comes to power in Italy. Mein Kampf is published in Germany.
  • 1926: Hirohito becomes Emperor of Japan.
  • 1927: Start of the Chinese Civil War. After an attempted arrest Joseph Stalin and supports flee to Turkey. Charles Lindbergh flies to Paris.
  • 1928: Malta becomes a British Dominion. Hassan al-Banna founds the Muslim Brotherhood.
  • 1929: Saint Valentines Day Massacre in the US. Joseph War between the Soviet Union and Turkey. Stalemate in the region of Pontus. The borders are kept the pre-war, in return Joseph Stalin and associated goons are handed over to the Soviet Government. Wall Street Crash in the United States leads to the Great depression.
  • 1930: Nazi Party becomes 18% within the Reichstag thanks to the depression.
  • 1931: Soviet invasions of Sinkiang and Mongolia. Japanese invasion of Manchuria. Chinese Soviet Republic crushed before getting off the ground. Mao flees to French Indochina. Statute of Westminster creates the British-led Commonwealth of Nations.
  • 1932: Election of Franklin D. Roosevelt in the United States. Nazi Party becomes the dominate Party in the Reichstag.
  • 1933: Adolf Hitler comes to power in Germany. Bavarian Uprising in Germany is dealt with over a course of six months by the Reichswehr. The rebellion influenced by Trotsky's Soviet Union will forever ruin relations between Germany and the USSR. New Deal started in America. Nicaragua becomes a US Commonwealth.
  • 1934: Haiti experiences a Communist Guerrilla uprising lead by a young Francois Duvalier resulting in American troops staying. Night of Long Knives in Germany. Death of Chancellor Hindenburg, Hitler declares himself Fuhrer. Attempted retreat of Chinese communist forces in Southern China to Sinkiang barely succeeds. Only a few thousand make it across the border. Peoples Soviet Republic of Sinkiang formed led by Zhu De.
  • 1935: Mao's ideology known as Maoism is spread to Ho Chi Minh in Indochina. Mao goes to France after becoming a citizen in the Cochinchina Province.

World In Turmoil

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