Hello Map Game Wiki members! i am The History Nerd, and i am here to make this wiki great again! This wiki has not seen anyone willing enough to reorganize the wiki into an actual functioning wiki, and i am here to change that!

This wiki was made basically as a place to dump map games, no one bothered to actually make a working wiki and to organize map games and such. Well i am here to do that! No more anarchy and lawlessness, we can make this community great and you can help!

How can you help? By advertising this wiki to others who you think might be interested, participating in the functions of the wiki, and making quality map games!

I have many ideas for this wiki and i hope to here your support!

if you want to here some ideas i have...

1. Creating an active staff team

2. Striking down inactive map games

3. Creating a committee to review new map games, and to help advertise new map games

4. Creating more rules for the wiki

5. striking down off topic posts

6. and if you have any questions or more ideas, post them bellow in discussion!


I'm down and I'll be upfront- I've never been in nor conducted a map game. But give me a set a rules and I can enforce them. - Baron Joshua, 11/23/2018 - 9:41 PM EST

I have been in a map game, and I can probably spot some implausible events, but I'm not an expert at all. I'm maybe an off shot if we don't get enough support. ~ Hdjensofjfnen (as Aztlán) 04:47, November 29, 2018 (UTC)

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