The OTL alliances
Name. Signed in. Members. Notes.
1386 Treaty of Windsor 1386 England and Portugal Mutual defence alliance.
The Treaty of London (1839) 1839 Belgium, Great Britain, The Netherlands and Prussia.
The Treaty of London (1867) 1867 Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Great Britain and Prussia.
The Three Emperors’ League (1873) 1873 Germany, Austria-Hungary and Russia.
The Dual Alliance (1879) 1876 Germany and Austria-Hungary
The Triple Alliance (1882). 1882 Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy Italy had no intention of honoring it in 1914.
The Franco-Russian Alliance (1894). 1894 France and Russia
The Anglo-Japanese Alliance, 1902 Great Britain and Japan.
The Entente Cordiale 1904 Britain and France.
The Anglo-Russian Entente 1907 Britain and Russia
The Triple Entente 1907 Britain, France and Russia.
Greek-Serbian Alliance 1913 Greece and Serbia If a third party attacks Greece or Serbia, the other country is to send all available troops aid the other.
Anglo-Greek Alliance (1914) 1914 Britain and Greece
Jabal Shammar-Ottoman Alliance 1914 Jabal Shammar Emirate and Ottoman Empire. Mutual defence alliance.
German-Ottoman Alliance 1914 Germany Emirate and Ottoman Empire.
Monroe Doctrine (American over seas policy statement) 1823 USA and all other states in the Americas other than Canada and colonies. A de facto protection treaty to keep European colonies out of established nations in the Americas.
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