We propose a treaty on stabilizing the status quo in Africa and Europe.

Public statement: It is proposed that a treaty on stabilizing the status quo in Africa, (and by extension the Middle East) and Europe will be created. There will also be a limited trade deal.

The signatories agree to:

  1. Mutual defence in Europe.
  2. Mutual defence in the Midel East.
  3. Maintain the colonial status quo in Africa.
  4. Encercel Germany.
  5. Reduce British-French-Russian trade tariffs to a maximum of 7.5%.
  6. Premote football in member states.

Signatures here:

  • Persia: No
  • Russia: Yes.
  • Denmark: We are strictly neutral.
  • Greece: Yes.
  • Romania: Yes, if it starts off well; otherwise neatral.
  • France: Yes.
  • Argentina: We would have if you were not attack Guatemala and Mexico.
  • Siam: No.
  • Portugal: (We agree, since we are your olded alliance.)
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