Treaty of MinskEdit

The treaty of Minsk is a treaty between the European Union-NATO and Russia-the Eurasian Union. It was concluded after several years of negotiations with Britain and Germany.


  • The EU (including all of its members)/Ukraine and NATO (including all of its members) recognize Belarus, Crimea , Abkhazia, South Ossetia as Russian territory.
  • Russian Federation gains all lands east of the RED LINE as shown in the map, these lands are also recognized as part of Russian territory by EU (including all of its members)/Ukraine and NATO (including all of its members).
  • Germany gains Kalingrad/East Prussia/Koningsberg from Russia after the terms of the treaty are implemented/fulfilled.
  • Ukraine gains Trasnistria from Russia after the terms of the treaty are implemented/fullfilled.
  • Population exchange happens between the European Union(plus Ukraine) and the Eurasian Union, all ethnic Russian and Belorussian population out of the areas under EU and or Ukraine's jurisdiction are transported to the Russian Federation and granted Russian citizenship and the following ethnicities shall relinquish their Russian citizenship and shall be transported/(granted citizenship) into EU/(allies):
  1. Slavic group: (Ukrainian,Polish,Ruthenians,Czechs,Slovenes,Macedonians,Slovaks,Croats,Bulgarians)
  2. Baltic Group: (Lithuanians,Latvians)
  3. Mongolic Group: (Buryats,Kalmyks,Soyots,Mongols)
  4. Caucasian Group: (Chechens,Avars,Dargins,Kabardins,Lezgians,Ingush,Tabasarans,Cherkess,Abazas,Rutuls, Aghuls,Tsakhurs,Abkhaz,Udis)
  5. Tungusic Group: (Evenks,Evens,Nanais,Ulchs,Udege,Orochs,Negidals,Oroks)
  6. Chukotko-Kamchatkan Group: (Chukchi,Koryaks,Itelmeni,Kamchadals,Chuvans,Kereks)
  7. Uralic group: (Estonians,Finnish,Mordvins,Udmurts,Mari,Komi,Karelians,Khanty,Mansi,Veps,Selkups, Hungarians,Besermyan,Sami,Izhorians,Enets,Votes,Nganasans)
  8. Turkic Group: (Turks,Tatars(+Crimean Tatars),Kyrgyz,Uzbeks,Kazakhs,Azerbaijanis,Bashkirs,Chuvashs, Kumyks,Yakuts,Tuvans,Nağaybäk,Karachays,Balkars,Altay,Nogais,Khakas,Gagauz,Shors,Dolgans,Meskhetian Turks,Kumandins,Teleuts,Chulyms,Karaites,Tofalars,Krymchaks)
  9. and others: Germans,Ossetians,Kurds,Vietnamese,Chinese,Koreans,Georgians,Moldovans,Tajiks, Afghans,Arabs,Indians,Nivkh,Romanians,Dungans,Eskimo,Yukaghir,Hemshins,Tats,French,Italians,Ket, Spanish,British,Japanese,Pakistani,Aleut,Pamiris,Taz,Bosnians,Montenegrins,Americans,Roma and Jews
  • The Russian Federation shall pay back Ukraine's investment into the territories gained by Russia, for 20 years.
  • EU-USA sanctions on the Russian Federation stop and Russian sanctions on EU-USA stop.
  • If Ukraine does not sign this treaty Russia will attack.


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