The Treaty of Philadelphia is a treaty to resolve the large war between New York, Michigan, Canada, New England, and the UAR.

Terms Edit

A 25 year NAP between all listed nations

New England pays reparations to Michigan, New York, and Canada for the damage and lives lost defending New York

All lands occupied during war are returned to owners

The UAR is divided into East and West Pennsylvania with East becoming a vassal of New York and West becoming an independent state occupied for 5 years

Alternate Terms (From New England)Edit

New York City (including Long Island), the Jersey Shore and West Connecticut is ceded to New England.

The western panhandle of New York is ceded to West Pennsylvania, who is given unrestricted access to Lake Ontario. 

The rest of New York and New Jersey is made a vassal of New England.

New England will pay any expenses to reconstruct any affected regions of the war.

UAR proposalEdit

  • New York is divided between the UAR and New England. New Jersey is divided into North and South, both become members of the UAR.
  • New York City and Northern New York become parts of New England, which will rename itself for sanity's sake. Or these areas become a New England Vassal
  • Southern New York will be made into a rump state, which will join the UAR.
  • Virginia and the UAR will have un-restricted access to the infrastructure of New York City
  • the UAR and New England agree to a Non-aggression pact for 15 years. Violation of this pact will result in reparations (-10 in the algo)

Final Official Terms Edit

  • New England pays reparations to Michigan and Canada
  • New Jersey is ceded to UAR
  • New York is ceded to New England
  • New York City becomes independent city-state

Signatures Edit

New York: Rev9


Canada: Qarth

New England:


Signatures Edit

NY: Rev9

Michigan: Spar





3 problems with this treaty:

  1. No algo has been done
  2. New York is on the defensive and can not demand land without an offensive war
  3. It completely ignores the internal structure of the UAR

#PraiseRoosevelt. 04:37, August 18, 2015 (UTC)

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