The Treaty of Quincy was a peace treaty created in 2289 to end the Gunner-Minutemen War.


  • The Gunners shall recognize the independence of Vault 81, and shall make no attempts to annex or subjugate Vault 81 or its inhabitants.
  • The Gunners shall cede all territory captured by the Minutemen, including Vault 75, Malden, Newton, and South Boston, and shall also agree to cede Relay Tower 1DL109 (and Newton Heights), Andrew Station and the surrounding regions of South Boston, and the region north of Weston Water Treatment.
  • The Gunners shall refrain from impeding, harassing, or interfering with Minutemen trade, caravans, or trade routes, and those belonging to the other nations of the Commonwealth.
  • The Gunners shall return any captured prisoners of war, settlers, or people displaced or captured during the war.
  • Vault 81 shall be compensated by the Gunners any damages caused by the Gunners or the war. Likewise the Minutemen shall be compensated for the Quincy Massacre, and be paid an indemnity.
  • The Gunners will make no attempts to colonize, settle, or subjugate the regions of Everett, Chelsea, Malden, etc (the northern sections of the Commonwealth west of Revere).


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