These show kits (Stuff) the URM can give you. You can, however, buy these things at their own price or make them yourselves. The kits cost money, meaning if your a wealthy country, you can buy more kits. You start off with the Starter Kit. Some of the kits give you scientists that you can specify in. The fields are physics, astronomy, biology (all lifeforms, not just human), chemistry, defense and geology) Here are the kits.

Kits Edit

Starter Kit: 15 Billion USD, six months of food, eight months of water, 10,000 voluntary citizens (Does not include government and corporate workers), five scientists (You choose what field they specify in, also get one more if your company is technology and two more if it is research), 500 soldiers, five AFVs, one Tank (200 more soldiers and three more AFVs if your company does defense, but instead of AFVs for naval defense companies you get a patrol boat and aerospace is a patrol hovercraft.), one Patrol Hovercraft (Like a helicopter excepts it uses hover technology), two generators (Each can serve 6000 people, 8000 if company specialize in energy), a desalinization plant (5000 gallons per hour), two cubic acres of storage, ten months of minerals, metals and building material and six months of medicine (eight months if you specialize in pharmaceuticals) 2000 computers (500 more for software companies), 1000 (100 more for software and 250 more for technology) robots and 500 (50 more for software and 100 more for technology) androids.

Items Edit

Key: Item= Cost

One Scientist= One Million USD

One Month of Food for 10,000= 150 Million USD

One Month of Water for 10,000= 100 Million USD

1000 voluntary citizens= 25 Million USD

One soldier= 200,000 USD

Amount of money= Amount of money with 20% interest paid back within ten years

One AFV= One Million USD

One Tank= Five Million USD

One Patrol Hovercraft= Three Million USD

One generator= 20 Million USD (Goes up by One Million USD for every 1000 people generator can serve) Note: This does mean you can still build your own power plants.

Desalinization Plant= 35 Million USD (Goes up one Million USD for every 1000 gallons it can make per hour)

One Month of minerals, metals and building material= 200 Million USD

One month of pharmaceuticals for 10,000= 150 Million USD

One Computer= 1000 USD

One Robot= 125,000 USD

One Android= 250,000 USD

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