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Union of Sovereign Kingdoms
Union of Sovereign Kingdoms
Game: New World (Map Game)
Flag The USK
Flag The USK
Location The USK
Location The USK
Anthem ""Where the Eagle Sleeps""
Capital Ottawa
Largest city Seattle
Other cities Montreal, Ontario, Winnipeg, Albany, Detroit, Melbourne and Auckland.
General American, Canadian English, Canadian French, Australian English and New Zealand English
  others Cree and Sioux
Baptist, Methodist, Salvationist and Roman Catholic
  others Cree traditional beliefs
Ethnic groups
White American, Anglo-Scottish Canadians and French Canadian
  others White Australians, White New Zealanders, Cree and Sioux
Demonym USK
Government Confederal and presidential, parliamentary, constitutional monarchy.
  legislature The Board of Kings
Chairman of the Board Michel Tate
Deputy Chairman of the Board Nikki Fagin
Population 8,954,000 (990 census) 8,955,000 (1000 census) 8,957,000 (1010 census) 8,954,000 (1020 census) 8,950,000 (1030 census) 8,955,000 (1040 census) 9,150,000 (1050 census) 9,175,000 (1060 census) 
Established 329
Independence 329
Currency USK Dollar ($USK, USK)
Internet TLD USK

It is a confederation of 8 united monarchies.