Federation of Southern America
Union of the South
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Preceded by 1934- Succeeded by
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Flag of the Union Coat of Arms of the Union
Flag of the Union Coat of Arms of the Union
Location of the Union
Location of the Union

After Texas and New Mexico formally unified in 1934, Texas replaced its name for the more open "Union of the South".

States[edit | edit source]

In 1934, the states were divided up specifically to get rid of the old borders between Texas and New Mexico, just so it would be more of a hassle for the majority to secede from the new Union. Jefferson was originally the panhandle of Texas, but President Ferguson decided to give a few border counties of New Mexico to the new state. Multiple states were named after other towns or counties in their respective regions. Sierra got its name from a county in that region, while Santa Fe and Greater Dallas both got their names from the major cities in their states.

Flag[edit | edit source]

The flag of the Union is extremely similar to the original flag of the Texas Republic, in multiple ways. The yellow star on a blue background represents the original flag of the Texan Republic, while the ring of twelve stars around it represents the original twelve states of the Union. The yellow and white stripes to the side represent the amount of states in the Union, and was originally twelve as well. However, that amount has grown since 1934. After Arizona agreed to join the Union in 1935, It was divided up into two more states, which added two more stripes to the flag. 

Presidents[edit | edit source]

  1. Miriam A. Ferguson (1934[1]-)

Prime Ministers[edit | edit source]

  1. James E. Ferguson (1934[2]-1938)
  2. John Nance Garner (1938-)

[1] - Miriam was reelected for President after the formation of the Union in 1934.

[2] - After the formation of the Union, the Prime Minister of Texas did not run for a second term, and Miriam's husband decided to run instead.

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