Together as one...

 The UEA is an alliance for all the countries in Europe. Member states will be trade, and usually military, allies. The member states will unite against the common enemy and put a tiny proportion of their army and navy into the UEA Peacekeeper Task Force (PTF).

What we ask...Edit

The percentage of military donations required will be decided when more staates join, but for now it is a minimum of 500 troops, 1,000 reserve troops and 1 ship with a full crew. UEA nations will be expected to come to each others aid in times of trouble, and unless in dire trouble, should not fight among each other. Personal disputes such as the one between Britain and France must be kept private to those nation, using only Non-European allies, unless the Europian ally has a legitimate reason for joining in or the war has escalated to full scale.

Your Call...Edit

In such an occasion, a vote will take place on whether the PTF should be sent in. Every member state has equal say in these votes. The rules are subject to change and may be changed by any member state after consultation with the others. Every nation will be equal although super powers may influence other states.

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