United Kingdom of Britannia
Game: New World
Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of Britannia
NewWorldLocatorMap 1016
Location of Britannia

Dieu et mon droit (French)
("God and my right")

Anthem "Rule, Britannia!"
Capital Albion
Largest city Lawrence
Other cities Cork, Eire, New Westminster, Pendragon, Starkshire
  others Welsh, Irish, Ulster Scots
Church of Britannia
  others Albanism
Demonym Britannian
Government Federal parliamentary consitutional monarchy
  legislature Parliament
Monarch Jaime III
Prime Minister Lucas Chamberlain
Population 12,530,470 (990 est.) 12,582,547 (1015 census) 14,349,274 (1040 census) 
Established 78 AF (est.)
Currency Britannian pound sterling (BP, £)

Britannia, officially the Empire of Britannia, or Britannian Empire, is an island state east of the mainland of the continent of Sebastiana. Britannia is a federal constitutional monarchy which is considered a continuation of the old monarchy of Britain on Earth, though it is unsure whether Britain still exists. The regnal number of the British monarchs on New World are based on the last monarch before contact with Earth was lost, George VII.

The current ruling family is the House of Lawrence, which took power after a war of succession after which all Britannia was united under the lordship of Lawrence. The first Lawrentian king was Richard VI, who was crowned king in 770 AF.

In 990, George XII was succeeded by his son Lelouch, who moved the capital to the newly constructed city of Albion. Albion is now the largest city in Britannia, having surpassed the old capital of Lawrence in around 1020.

Currently, Britannia is a major player in the Sebastianan continent and to a limited extent, the world.

Britannia is a Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy where the Monarch (in the case, the King) is the head of state and Supreme Commander of the military, whilst the Prime Minister controls the government.

The military prides itself on being one of the most powerful in Sebastiana, with economic, industrial, and technological might similar to the great nations of Novasol.

An expansionist ideology is currently gripping the citizens of Britannia.

The 10 largest cities by population (in descending order) are:

  1. Albion (3,100,000)
  2. Lawrence (2,300,000)
  3. Pendragon (1,500,000)
  4. Australis (1,000,000)
  5. Eire (700,000)
  6. Vincent (666,000)
  7. New London (575,000)
  8. Starkshire (500,100)
  9. New Westminster (400,000)
  10. Cork (360,000)
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