United Provinces of Colnia
Verenigde Provinciën der Colnië
Game: New World
Flag of Colnia
Flag of Colnia
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Location of Colnia

Leve de Grote Republiek! (Dutch)
("Long Live the Great Republic!")

Anthem "Lied van de Overwinning (Song of Victory)"
(and largest city)
  others German, French
None (secular government)
  others Christianity, Judaism
Ethnic groups
77.5% Dutch
  others 13.1% German, 8.4% French, 1% others
Demonym Colnian
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
  legislature Parliament
President Christiaan Andersen
Prime Minister Francois Beau
Population 36,701,132 (1030 census) 
Established 982 AF
Currency Zilver (ZN)
The United Provinces of Colnia (Dutch: Verenigde Provinciën der Colnië), commonly known as just Colnia, is a constitutional republic located on the western coast of Sebastiana. The nation is an emerging world power militarily and economically, and continues to recover from the Colnian Civil War.

Colnia is primarily inhabited by people of Dutch and German descent, though the number of refugees and migrants emigrating to the country is steadily increasing. The capital of Colnia, Kuststad, is a notable tourist attraction with many historical monuments and sites.

The country is currently led by President Christiaan Andersen and the Social Democratic Party (SDR). The SDR also currently has the most MPs in Parliament, Colnia's national legislature. National elections are held every five years.

Colnia is currently enjoying a steadily increasing national economy and support for the government is relatively decent.


First settlementsEdit

The first Dutch settlers arrived in western Sebastiana in the late 9th century to escape Neubayer rule following the occupation and annexation of their homeland, the Netherlands, in 872. Travelling east via Washington Bay, the Dutch migrants arrived by ship and thereafter began building villages and towns along the west Sebastianese coast.

Fall to BayyaniaEdit

By the early 900s, the Dutch settlements had grown into wealthy towns that traded amongst themselves. They were collectively referred to as the Colnian Settlements, named after the first colonists' primary source of drinking water, Lake Colnia.

The neighbouring Bayyanid Caliphate, noticing Colnia's economic potential, seized the opportunity and initiated an invasion of the region, easily subduing the militarily weak Colnians. They remained under Bayyanid occupation until 982.

Colnian War of IndependenceEdit

Due to multiple conflicts throughout the region and extreme Dutch nationalism, the United Provinces of Colnia declared independence from the Bayyanid Caliphate in 982, resulting in the Colnian War of Independence.

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