The United States was at one point the Worlds sole superpower and the worlds largest economy, and now is one of Two huge Competitors in reunifying America.


The US Pre apocalypse was the worlds sole Superpower, and largest Economy. She ran a global system with such efficiency that any nation that stepped out of line was effieciently dealt with and put down such as the Iraqi Invasion of Kuwait. The Nation maintained a population of 313 million and a Gross Domestic Product of 14.4 trillion making it the worlds largest economy. The Nation also maintained 11 carriers and the worlds largest and most advanced Navy.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Post Apocalypse the United States was barely on the Continent, maintaining itself on its Naval fleet much of which had survived off the East Coast. The US just over a year after the apocalypse managed to secure the majority of New England, Virginia until it came into contact with a major Government, a reformed Confederate States of America. This did not bode well for the New President. Just prior to the CSA conflict the US had secured much up to the Mississippi

War on the CSAEdit

Opening Engagements:Edit

The US forces seeing the weak CSA government wished to reunite the Eastern United States and saw an opportunity.The US forces used the CSA's weakened position in Tennessee to launch an airborne invasion followed by  a massive ground attack.

Fall of Atlanta:Edit

Following a large engagement the CSA was caught completely off gaurd by the forces attacking their capital of Atlanta. This engagement ended with the capture of the City, and the fall of Columbia South Carolina miles east of Atlanta sparked by the morale failure

Pre ApocalypseEdit

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