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  • I was born on April 4
  • My occupation is fixing folks shitty TLS
  • I am a WOLF

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Shattered World Revived Edit

Hey, for some reason I can't get to your talk page.

Thank you for playing Shattered World Revived!

You have chosen as the Republic of Sumatra. Your data is;


Population: 54,340,000

Population Growth: 870,000/Year

Urbanization: 27,170,000

Urbanization Growth: 1,087,000/Year


GDP per capita: $11,614.46

Factories: 6,311

Base Income: $315.565 Billion

Tax Income: $163.02 Billion

Total Income: $478.585 Billion


States: North Sumatra, Central Sumatra, South Sumatra


Government Type: Representative Democracy


Tech Year: 2020


Infantry: 75,000

SOS: 100

Tanks: 105

AVs: 0

AFVs: 230

Armor cars: 75

Artillery: 102

Satellites: 0

Submarines: 1

Carriers: 0

Battleships: 0

Destroyers: 0

Troopships: 0

Fighters: 32

Attack Helicopters: 3

Transport Planes: 13

Bombers: 0

Drones: 0

Nuclear Missiles: 0

Other WMDs: 0

Total Military Size: 76,598

For more data, please go here:

Thank you for playing Shattered Revived, and long live the empire of Sumatra!


Hi, the game has many players now, Swaine.Bronwyn the 2nd (talk) 21:16, September 28, 2017 (UTC)


Still can't get to your talk page.

Anyway, Shattered World Revived is now open and is ready for 2020 (Turn 1).

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