aka CC, Cain, Keine

  • I live in 'Murica!
  • My occupation is Sci-Fi and Alternate History Writer, Gamer
  • I am male

Good day inquisitive one! I'm CaptainCain. To tell you a bit about myself I'm a big Fallout fan and enjoy alternate history which is where you'll find most of my work. To be a bit more personal, I'm an American (if you couldn't tell) and a very patriotic one at that. Politically I'm a conservative-libertarian, a brief breakdown is I'm Fiscally, economically, and Militarily Right-wing while Socially I tend to be a bit more liberal. So yes I'm Ronald Reagan on most topics and yet I don't mind the idea of allowing women to have an abortion and such, this tends to suprise people for some reason. Other than that I'll see you in the RPs.

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