aka Josh

  • I live in Sussex, UK
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Hi guys, I'm Josh. I've done map games on the althistory wiki, which brought me here, and even signed up to one on conworlds, although that never really got started, as they often don't. I try and find time just to add a bit to map games even if there isn't much I can do, if just for the sake of keeping a game going.

At the moment I'm playing Brazil (and, apparently, most of South America) in The Alternate 1980, which is fun - and we need more players so off you go - and of course looking around to see what else I can do. I do a lot over on Conworlds, and occasionally pop over to Althistory for Map Games and to check on new timelines. I also admin on WikiFAYZ. That's not relevant, but you learn something new every day. That's today's.

Aside from regularly building and then nuking worlds, I also play the clarinet, and enjoy playing badminton and chess, albeit rarely at the same time. You can join me on Twitter if you want, but don't expect a response before about three months after you tell me anything. You could even be my seventh follower. Who knows, maybe I'll tweet something one day.

Please leave me a message on here, though, and I'll probably pick that up sooner. Till then, though, I guess I'll see you around.

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