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What is a map game

Hi! Welcome to Map Game wikia.(NOTE: IM NOT AN ADMIN) I saw the thing that you've posted and a map game is where a country basically controlls a country or anything(as long as it is plausible) and they post turns and stuff. There's also mods, a short for moderators, for explaining, calculating algorithms, and posting turn. A player may only write the thing within that turn(e.g., if the length of a turn equals 2 years and the urn starts at 1888, you may only write stuff within 1888-1889. Most map game is Full year or Half year, but some have exceptions, like 10 years or even 50. Please read the rules before posting so you are playing plausibly.And, don't forget to look at the alto before declaring war, and if you have time, create your own page for the nation and Don't do drugs online! 23:46, January 29, 2015 (UTC) By the way, I forget to sign in. Hi there. I'm still that awesome guy. 23:48, January 29, 2015 (UTC)

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