The Republic of the Commonwealth is a federal republic divided into a series of states and territories. States are bound together in a union with each other, with each state holding governmental jurisdiction over a dfined geographic territory within the Republic. Additionally the most populous or geographically vast states are divided further into counties.

Territories include any part of the nation directly administered by the federal government, and usually consist of geographic regions in the process of applying for statehood, or regions newly incorporated into the nation or settled.


State Capital Counties Governor Founded
Sanctuary Sanctuary Red Rocket


Sturges 2287
Abernathy Abernathy Sunshine Tiding Blake Abernathy 2287
Starlight Starlight 2287
Wilmington Zimonja Tenpines


Malden Taffington 2287
Newton Greygarden Oberland


Gwinnett Independence Ronnie Shaw 2287
Spectacle Spectacle City 2287
Weymouth Warwick Roger Warwick 2288
Warren Vault 88 Valery Barstow 2288


State Capital Settlements Governor Founded
Northeast Territory N/A General Atomics Galleria

Vault 75


Treaty of QuincyEdit

I saw your treaty, I will accept but that's if I can keep the relay tower. You can take additional land around it instead if you want, just please let me keep that. Kingconor (talk) 20:12, March 20, 2018 (UTC)

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