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The Roman Republic crushes a slave uprising. Tigranes the Great is crowned King of Armenia. And the Queen of Egypt is murdered by her son, the King. This is 100 BC.

The Romans, Parthinians, Yadavas, and the Western Han Empire mean to expand their spheres of influence, while Bythinia and Media just want to survive. Half the world away, the Totonac, Maya, and Teotihuacan peoples rise from the remains of the Olmec Empire.

The civilizations of the world are in the hands of dictators, consuls, and kings. Will your civilization live to the present or be forgotten in the shadows of history?

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World in 100 BCE

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  • If you'd like to participate, simply put your name down as one of the civilizations!
  • A turn is five years from 100 BC-1500 AD, two years from 1500 AD-1850 AD, and one year there on.
  • In each turn your nation can improve three of five aspects of your nation — infrastructure, economy, military, industry or technology. If your empire has vassal states these vassals can have their stats improved independently, as they're technically separate sovereign states.
  • Please do not engage in sockpuppetry (using more than one account). If you do, you will be banned from this map game.
  • Be as plausible as you can! If it's implausible, the mods will help correct you.
  • If you are inactive for a lengthy period of time, your nation may be subject to disaster scenarios created by the moderators. The nation will eventually be removed from the game entirely.
  • Games will be archived every ten turns (five years).
  • Please be courteous and polite to other users. Do not engage in shouting or use profane comments. This is known as a flame war. If a flame war occurs all participating parties will be removed from the game and their territories put under mod control until a replacement player signs up. Instead, engage in a polite debate, and ask for a mod to mediate the discussion.

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War Algorithm

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