Welcome to the Victoria 2 Map Game! This is a Map game about Victoria 2 xD

Note: This is my 1st Map game I develop, so please don't hate me, if I'm too OP just tell me, and I stop the OPness k?

Victorian puppets


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  1. do not be OP
  2. only naval powers can colonize
  3. you can't declare war on a puppet
  4. to make peace you and your enemy need to accept it too
  5. in big wars (no 1 VS1) only the war heads(the name of these will be wrote like this) can make peace with everyone. The other countries can make peace only with war head.Example: Russia, China, Japan VS USA, Spain, Siam.
  6. only the war heads can call ally into war(puppets are exception the join automatic)
  7. every country have 5 national focus.
  8. the national focus help you to become naval power, to colonize territory to change government style.
  9. You can add yourself to player list and edit your turn
  10. each turn mean 6 month (half year)
  11. you can realise countries as puppets or free at peace time
  12. if you think that someones turn is OP than say it for me and i will solve that problem
  13. do NOT delete other players turn!!!please.
  14. have fun
  15. if you don't know one of the countries name ask me.


Prussia : Bob's Mapping




Map for Turn 2Edit

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