The Voyager Collective is a single hive-mind entity, composed of uncountable numbers of microscopic bio-machines that devour non-organic matter and replicate themselves. 

Origins Edit

Originally created by the mysterious "Progenitors" the Voyager Collective was initially an attempt to explore the galaxy. Unfortunately the Progenitors stopped sending instructions to the collective 2,000 millennia ago and have not been monitored by the collective since. 


The Collective has spread slowly for millions of years throughout the galaxy, devouring asteroids and comets along the way. Recently the Collective evolved sentience and has begun to use its vast network of entities to create a Voyager home, and discover the fate of the Progenitors. 


Though the Collective is technically trillions of trillions of beings, each a living cell, the Voyager cells have become interconnected similarly to the brain of a living organism. This development has allowed expansion and evolution to increase ten-fold over the last 500 millennia. The Collective mind allows for increasingly quick technological development and has allowed for plans to mine whole planets for resources. In the event of attack, or the destruction of a large number of cells the Collective can organize masses of cells into defence systems on par with the technologies of any race that the Collective has observed or fought. 


The Collective resides on the outer edge of the Perseus Arm, and has managed to establish small "colonies" on the fringes of the Local Spur Arm. .

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