Please participate as your nation and tell which clauses you would like in the ceasefire treaty. The Final Draft will be released after three turns and will only begin to take effect once all participating players have signed (as the leader of their nation).

Negotiations Edit

I already stated my terms, either each nation involved keeping the lands that they now control or every nation involved returns to its pre-war borders ~Wrto12

I say that each nation keeps the lands the have gained and may create puppet states. I also suggest Canada gets Uzbeckistan and Tajikistan while China gets Kazkhistan and Kyrgzistan ~The Epic Dragon (Refer to me as Epic from now on and I created a map game called What Nearly Happened)

I agree about keeping gains. –Alexander 23:18, February 8, 2016 (UTC)

I agree too, that's one of the two solutions i proposed, however as Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan never got involved in the war, there is no way that i could accept this states to be partitioned by Canada and China, that would be absurd, except if i gain something else in return. ~Wrto12

The Berlin Ceasefire Treaty (Final Draft) Edit

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