War AlgorithmEdit

  • Many or major OTL/ATL defences and fortified places: Defender + 10
  • Knowledge of landscape: +10 for in one's homeland, +7 for in one's colony, + 5 for warring in an adjacent nation/colony, -1 for low knowledge of an non-adjacent lands which are on you/you colony's continent, -5 for no knowledge of a distant realm that is not even on your continent and -10 in polar regions or the Sahara (unless the attacker is also polar or in the Sahara Desert).
  • If you’re a failed state, devastated territory, rebel/resistance/partisan cell or city state -1 due to lack of resources! If you're a super power, principal powers or great powers of the game +4, since you have loads at your disposal! All other states 0.
  • Side with greater infrastructure: +3
  • Side with greater Technology: +5 Pre industrial = 0
  • Side with greater population: +3
  • Side with greater industry: +3 Pre industrial = 0
  • Side with greater agriculture: +2
  • Larger land mass + 1
  • Defeated last time -1 to the last time's loser
  • Fighting in large, flattish, open places like the Canadian Parries, North German Plain, Egyptian desert and Byelorussia: Attacker +5, Defender -4.
  • Urban warfare in big cities of over five million people like today's London, Tokyo, New York, Shanghai, Mumbai and Berlin, Attacker-2, Defender +2
  • War Weariness: If you have been fighting for more than 3 turns in a row -5 due to battle fatigue until you make peace for at least 1 turn.
  • Fighting on 2 or more fronts- -3 for who ever is doing so.
  • If either side nation deploys over 500 Tanks (or main battle tanks after the Panzer III and alike were invented), 500 bombers, 20 attack submarines and/or 10 men-o-war, ships of the line, Ironclads, dreadnoughts, battleships or aircraft carriers (depends on historic time) in the war then they get +1 for land, sea and/or air. Remember to say how many you deploy or it will be guessed or ignored by a mod. Modern large war ships also take time to build.
  • Morale: -5 In face of larger army, -10 for completely surrounded, +10 for in face of a smaller army, +15 for surrounding enemy. If defeated last turn, then the loser from that battle is -5 to his opponent in this battle.
  • Storming on to a coastline from the sea or on to an island, the attacker - 4 and defender + gains 5.
  • Storming in to a desert, high mountains, polar or jungle the, attacker - 3 and + defender gains 4.
  • Nuclear war gives the atomic user +10 and defender -10 for strategic arms, or +5 and -5 for tactical arms, or +2 and -2 for SDD/SDM sub-Hiroshima and 'suitcase' mini-bombs. Also add +1 to the attacker and -1 to the defender if the capital is hit. Also add +1 to the attacker and -1 to the defender x the number of nukes used in the attack as a grand total.
  • Bio weapons give the attacker +5 and the defender -2.
  • Chemical weapons give the attacker +2 and the defender -1.
  • Every nation or major vassal/colony militarily helping with their side= +3
  • Every nation or major colony/vassal offering supplies to their side= +2
  • Every guerrilla force or resistance/partisan group helping way helping with their side= +1
  • Motive
    • Religious motives= +6.5 to the attacker and - 0.5 to the defender.
    • Political and moral motives= + 6 to the attacker.
    • Ethnic and cultural war motives = + 4 to the attacker.
    • Economic war motives = 3 to the attacker
    • To get a local/regional tactical advantage= + 2 to the attacker.
    • Non given= 0 to the attacker
  • Armed expatiation in large extremism climates like Greenland, Niger, Nepal and Amazonia will also be very slow due to logistic and climate problems for any wood-be invader. In this case the defender gets an advantage of +5 and the attacker gets a disadvantage of -5, but it does not get applied if the attacker is from the same sort of environment (ie: Niger would not mined invading Mali since they are both mostly desert, so no disadvantage to Niger).
  • Victim nations' life or death = + 12.5 to the nation who is fearing being wiped from history, +7.5 if facing losing over 10% of its territory.
  • If either or both sides did not update their economy, industry, transport, military and/or infrastructure in the last 20 years then they will lose -5 as a penalty for neglecting their nation's integrity.
  • Strength: # of troops divided by a factor of 100,000 (i.e., one million = 10 points)
  • If the attacking nation has tripled its size or captured a land mass greater than the size of Greenland (both apply) in less than 5  turns in a row, then - 7.5 to the attacker each turn unless he stops for 2 turns to consolidate the gains.
  • Add the totals up and find the biggest total. The biggest wins and the total percentage decides the losses.
A total % of 50.01% equals one px of land lost by the loser,
A total % of 50.1% equals two px of land lost by the loser,
a total % of 53% equals three px of land lost by the loser,
a total % of 56% equals 5% of land lost by the loser,
a total % of 58% equals 10% of land lost by the loser,
a total % of 60% equals 20% of land lost by the loser,
a total % of 66% equals 33% the loser nation is over run automatically and the rest is in disarray,
a total % of 70% equals 50% the loser nation is over run automatically and the rest is in disarray,
a total % of 75% equals 60% the loser nation is over run automatically and the rest is in disarray,
a total % of 77% equals 66%% the loser nation is over run automatically and the rest is in disarray,
a total % of 80% equals 75%% the loser nation is over run automatically and the rest is in disarray,
a total % of 85% equals the loser being overrun and crushed automatically, leading to the loser’s formal surrender in one round!
Note that the 11 hugest nations and territories can't be defeated in 1 algo', instead you need 2 different consecutive Algo's to defeat 50% of the nation each time. The second algo can only start after the first ends in either a victory or a surrender. The huge nations are- the USA, the USSR, KMT China, French W. Africa, Mongolia, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, British India, Greenland and Australia.

Questions Edit

What about the military assets (Tanks, ships, AA Guns, fortifications, etc.) a nation already has? Do we have any? Is it a standard number or different? - Jeffrey Arenburg

Armed forces and manpower are for the most part the same as in reality, but the Nazi Germans and Japanese are about 10% more, while the Americans, British and Soviets about 10% less than in real life, due to the nukeing of Kursk, the plague fleas and the crusging of D-day. Camarune (Camaroon) and South Morocco are stillbackward and only have a few hundred troops.Christina Pill (talk) 18:08, December 16, 2015 (UTC)

Who are superpowers? And what are the technological points? Regards, Laptop Zombie 09:16, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

Superpowers are USA, UK, Nazi Germany, Japan and Italy. I guess technological points are about technological investments we make. - Jeffrey Arenburg

I have simplified the Algo. The complex tier page has gone for a simpler valuing system interested in the Algo. Christina Pill (talk) 22:08, December 19, 2015 (UTC)

  • The primary powers/super powers are Germany, Japan, Great Britain, the USSR, Canada, the USA and Italy. I decided to add Canada after all.Christina Pill (talk) 22:08, December 19, 2015 (UTC)
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