To help determine who is the winner in a war is-

  1. Side with the greatest number of troops= gains 3 points 
  2. Side with most industry= gains 3 points.
  3. Side with most agriculture= gains 2 points.
  4. Side with greatest population= gains 4 points
  5. Side with better technology and\or science= gains 4 points
  6. Used WMD= attacker gains 5 points, defender loses 6 points
  7. Harsh climate such as polar= attacker loses 3 points and defender gains 1 point
  8. Harsh terrain such as high mountains= attacker loses 3 points and defender gains 3 points
  9. If the attacker has been fighting non-stop for more than a year= attacker loses 1 point.
  10. The side that was defeated last turn= the loser from last turn loses 1 point
  11. Islamic jihad\Christian crusade= The side that calls this a motive for war gains 5 points.
  12. Heavy fortified zone like the Maginot Line= attacker loses 4 points and defender gains 4 points
  13. Fighting in a city of over 5,000,000 like today's London, Tokyo, Cairo and New York= attacker loses 3 points and defender gains 4 points
  14. Each ally sending troops or supplies = plus 1 point to whom ever they are supporting
  15. Storming on to a coastline from the sea or on to an island, the attacker loses 6 points and defender + gains 5 points.
  16. Troop Strength: # of troops divided by a factor of 10,000 (ie, 1,000,000 =100 points)
  17. Total up both the national scores and the one with most points wins.
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