100 years ago, the dammed Martian demons sent by the devil himself attempted to take our god given land in the year of our lord 1899. They failed barely. The world was ravaged, Europe, America, India, and China, the Islamic World, Latin America, North Africa, all burned before the Martian heat ray as black smoke chocked those out. Only by disease did the Martians die off quickly, taking it back to their home world, where so many were killed. The World barely survived as rumps of nations remained and died. The British Empire, most powerful in the world was wrecked, along with the populations of continental Europe and America. 100 years later the Human Population has barely recovered, with still large amounts of devastated, colonized land. Warring occurs most often. Now here lies the world in the year 1999, technology is only around 1940 with many edges in military technology such as hand held machine guns, large prototype heat rays, poison gas, and walkers. Rockets are in its infancy and so is television. Now the world braces for a new tide of Empires as the world continues its slow upcline to civilized society.

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