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land War Algo


  • Tier bigger than enemy by 19 or more:+37
  • Tier bigger than enemy by 18-16: +33
  • Tier bigger than enemy by 13-15: +29
  • Tier bigger than enemy by 11 or 12: +27
  • Tier bigger by 10: +24
  • Tier bigger by 9: +22
  • Tier bigger by 8: +19
  • Tier bigger by 7: +16
  • Tier bigger by 6: +14
  • Tier bigger by 5: +13
  • Tier bigger by 4: +12
  • Tier bigger by 3: +10
  • Tier bigger by 2: +8
  • Tier bigger by 1: +6
  • Same tier: +3
  • Tier smaller by 1: 0
  • Tier smaller by 2: -2
  • Tier smaller by 3: -4
  • Tier smaller by 4: -7
  • Tier smaller by 5: -10
  • Tier smaller by 6: -14
  • Tier smaller by 7 or more: -17


  • Location-points:+point*2
  • Defending:+12
  • Attacking an enclave/exclave inside your country:+9
  • Rebellion attack:+8
  • Attacking on border:+5
  • Attacking close to border(like across a lake, Spain attack morocco,etc.):+2
  • Far away but on your continent:-2
  • Not even on your continent(e.g, Chile attacking Angola):-6
  • planet/star no more than 10 AU:-12
  • Planet/star no more than 1 light years:-20
  • Planet/star in your galaxy:-26
  • Andromeda:-30
  • Harsh Climate:attacker-8, defender+8
  • Climate Extremism:attacker-16, defender+11
  • Landlocked:-10
  • a siege: attacker-6 defender+15
  • fort near border: 5-10 per fort, max total of 35 points(defender buff only).


Note: average country have 33% more population on 2075. The growth rate is about 0.04% because of climate chaos and land limitation. But, you can colonize Mars!

  • a planet of thriving economy(colonized more than 150 years ago):+8*economy points
  • a planet of growing economy(80-150):+5*economy points
  • a planet of starting economy(20-79):2*economy points
  • just colonized:economy point-1
  • economy better than enemy by 2:9
  • economy better than enemy by 3:16
  • economy better than enemy by 4:25
  • economy better than enemy by 5-7:36
  • economy better than enemy by 8-9:49
  • more difference than 10: 59
  • Agricultural efficiency:requires technology over 5. +(Technology-5)*Economy*Agriculture/5
  • Agriculture-economy balance:+(-|agriculture-economy| +2)
  • Supply:agriculture*naval/2

Population top 5 in game:+30

Population top 25 in game:+12

Population last 50: -5

Population 1 billion+(level6):+25

Population 1000M(level5)+:+15

Population 600M(level4)+:+9

Population 300M(level3)+:5

Population 100M(level2)+:2

Population 1M-100M(level 1):0

Population less than 1M(level0):-1

  • Population smaller than enemy:-5
  • Population bigger than enemy:+5
  • Population: Amount of population/100M(e.g. USA-Canada have a population of 459.8766Million so it gets 4.60

Causus Beli

  • No Causus Beli:-10
  • Have a Causus Beli:mod dicided weather if it is good(15) or bad(-7)
  • Defense: +15


  • Economic:+3
  • Defend against popular rebel:+5
  • Defend newly held territory (less than 5 years):+7
  • To unify a culture:+8
  • Defend territory that are not really important:+10
  • Reunification:+11
  • aiding ally:+11
  • counter:+11
  • access to sea/ocean: +13
  • defending heartland:+16
  • Revolting:+19
  • Defending enemy with lethal weapon(e.g. Kaptyen-16-8)+20
  • Revolts defending:+21
  • Defending enemy that will Danger the nation:+25
  • Defending enemy that will kill the nation:+30
  • Defending enemy that will end a popular revolt:+37.


  • Implausiblilty:minus 10 per implause
  • Guerilla War:-11 defending from guerrilla, +4 guerillaer
  • Defender undergoing revolt: +7 attacker -15 defender
  • Attacker undergoing revolt: -30 attacker +2 defender
  • Recent war: -10 per recent war in past 5 years, -6 per past 10 years, -2 per past 20 years.

Type of Government

Monarchy: +(2*Motive+economy*tech/3)

Democrat: +(3*population level+1/2economy+agriculture)

Socialist: +(agriculture*2+(10-tier)-2)



Government not supported by people:-19


Military support:+11 Logical:+7 Economy:3


Use two integers from 1-100 from and use the bigger one to divide the smaller one then add a random integer from 5-10 to it.

  • troop morale high:requires economy 4+, luck overall 10+:+15 and a 1/2 chance
  • troop morale low: luck overall 6.5-:-20 and a 4/5 chance

(The below ones is if you have some time)

Step 2:If you think you're lucky, you can also roll a dice on If you get the same one in two different rolls, you can a number between 100-106. The outcome, divided by 100, is a multiplier.

Step2.1: if you get two 1's at the same time, add a .05 to your multiplier.

Step2.2: if you fail to roll two at the same time, you will get a multiplier from 97-103.

Step3: if you still have some time, get a random integer from 0-101. If it is 0, you gets a bigger multiplier, and if it is 101, you get a smaller multiplier. Please make sure to send us a screenshot of this.

Step3.1: if you gets an epic win, you an integer from 110-160 and this will be the multiplier.

Step3.2: if you gets an epic fail, you an integer from 55-75 and this will be the multiplier.

Step4: calculate them together.

Note: the multiplier is for your TOTAL Score.


The side with more troop gets+20. The side with much bigger troop gets+40.


  • Just changed to a democratic government: 1.2* buff.
  • Just changed to a non-democratic, but a different government: 1.05* buff.
  • Just changed to a Monarchy from a democratic government: 0.95* penalty.
  • Just changed to another government from a democratic:0.92* penalty
  • Political unstablity: .80 to .50 penalty depending on the situation(how the Rwanda almost defeated DRC).
  • Government not supported by people, but still fair: .95~.85 penalty
  • Disease: .90~.60 penalty.
  • Civil war occurring: .50 penalty
  • Newborn nation bonus: 1.25

After that multiply the buff/penalty together.

War result

Just make sure this is plausible. But, the economy and population will go down by a bit. especially economy which might change you from 10 to 5. If you lose lots of war, your tier will go down quickly.

Naval battle Algo

Causus Beli, Modifiers, luck, population, motive(with a few changes) type of government, aids and tier still apply, as in the land battle. But I'm not writing the same thing because it do take a long time.


  • side with the nearest port:+12
  • A country's best port(dicided by mods): vary from -10 to +15
  • Without a port(this is possible): -25
  • the best port is the nearest one:+10

Navy quality

  • Naval point bonus:4*Naval point
  • Side with better naval point:+13
  • Side with much better naval:+27
  • Supply:+Resource+agriculture
  • Quality: +economic point
  • Balance: If naval point is the 2nd or 1st out of your points, -2; if it is last two, -3.


  • Any attack by a revolt:+3
  • Economic:+3
  • Defend newly held territory (less than 5 years):+7
  • To unify a culture:+8
    • (modifier)Surprise sea attack(Like Pearl Harbor):+9
  • Defend territory that are not really important:+10
  • Reunification:+11
  • aiding ally:+11
  • counter:+11
    • (modifier)strategic attack a somewhat bigger navy(1.9* or more of your size):+11
    • (modifier)Trying to strategic attack a much bigger navy:+15
  • defending heartland:+16
  • Revolting:+19
  • Defending enemy with lethal weapon(e.g. Kaptyen-16-8)+20
  • Revolts defending:+21
  • Defending enemy that will Danger the nation:+25
  • Defending enemy that will kill the nation:+30


2073 ISIS surprise sea bombard on China



Nearest port:+15

Port quality: pretty good(+8)

Total: +23

Navy quality

Naval points: 7*4=+28

Better than enemy: +13

Supply: 6(resources)+9(agriculture)=15




Defending not really important: +10




Total: +12


Population top5:+30

Population lv6: +25

Population bigger: +5

Population divided by 100M: approx 16

Total: +76

Causus Beli

Defending: +15

Total: +15

Type of government


Total: 25


Kazakhstan: Logical(+7)



Bigger army: N/A( mostly reserves at that time; both 1 mil)


63 and 61: 1.032

random integer: 7

Total: 8.032

Grand Total




Best port: +3(medium)


Navy quality

Points: 5*4=20

Supply: 2+1=3

Quality: +4




Modifier-Surprise sea attack: +9



Not even on your continent/other side of the globe:-6



Lvl 3: +5

Top 50:+12

Population smaller than enemy:-5

Population divided by 100M: 1.05(104,789,672)


Causus Beli:

Vote result: 6.33


Type of government

Islamic: +3

Total: 3


Saudi Arabia: +4

UAE: +4

Total: +8


32 and 83: 2.594

Random number: 6


Grand total



ISIS looses heavily as the chinese already discovered them near India. China declare war upon ISIS and calls its ally Kazakhastan to aid. ISIS starts a military build-up since they discovered China is way outta their predictions.



  • 4 planes
  • 2 artillery
  • 1 tank
  • 6 ships
  • 34 men


  • 56 planes
  • 111 men


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