The Western EmpireEdit

The western empire or The Roman Empire is the biggest nation in the Italian peninsula formed in 492 when Rome's claimed flavius as its imperator and it was fully secured by 494, the empire is less extended than its original version only holding southern and central Italy, Africa, parts of Dalmatia and Pannonia and part of Spain but no further territories at Gaul. The capital is in Rome but the emperor resides in Carthage, a safer city for the emperor to leave.


The empire is divided in smaller territories or provinciae (Provinces) Ruled by Praetors, the current provincial division of the Western empire is this
Western Provinces
.The main territory of this empire is Italy and Carthage being the most important territories held under control of the emperor in Carthage.The provinces and territories that nominally recognize the emperor of the West as their emperor or Dominus are the next, those in italic mean that are under dual suzerainity or independent states from both Roman Empires
  • Italia: Roma (Rome)
  • Africa: Carthago (Carthage)
  • Byzacena: Hadrumetum
  • Numidia: Constantine
  • Mauretania Caesariensis: Iol Caesarea
  • Illyria: Singidunum
  • Dalmatia: Salona
  • Pannonia: Sirmium
  • Regnum Suessionum: Suessionum
  • Suessionum Germaniae:
  • Baleares:
  • Sardinia: Caralis
  • Corsica: Aleria
  • Sicilia: Syracuse
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