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When The Stars And Stripes Crumble takes place in the year 1980. A technological error in 1980 of a computer system caused misunderstood information. It happened on New Years Day after the ball dropped in NYC a nuclear missile was accidentally launched and hit Moscow. This triggered a mass nuclear war event that could have been avoided but was not. Millions had died and the US has fallen apart as a nation. Will you work to re-unite the greatest superpower of the modern era or will you build off your own nation in the USA?

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  •  Adolf Coffee (myself)
  • Brick

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Here you can sign upfor the mapgame. Just type the county you are playing as with your username/name on the right side. 

The MapEdit


Current Map for The Year 1980. (Work In Progress)

Year 1980Edit

The US has broken up into surviving counties of one of the greatest superpowers ever known.

Orange County in what was once Florida faces a water crisis.

DC has become uninhabitable.

The Plain states face limited effects and impacts from the nuclear disaster but have extremely limited resources.

Less populated sections of the Northeast are affected but thrive regardless and develop back easier.

  • Camden: Camden as a whole begins working on developing homes and cities,  1,000's of people die from contaminated water in the county. A democratic republic is established. We invade what is left of bombarded Philadelphia and see that most of the buildings survived as the nuclear missile fell in a suburb. With that being said, the mint is put back into service and use whatever materials possible to produce a currency.  Stainless silver coins are produced since it is the most abundant metal in the region. Orlando Figueroa takes charge as president and the cleanup of contaminated regions and water filtering is made to lower rates of radiation. Burlington County is also taken over due to no leadership and complete anarchy in the region. We try to work on contacting other nearby counties but no news has been heard from as of yet.  
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