Hello and welcome to Who owns Spain? This is a map game in 1701 during the War of the Spanish Succession. Also, if you sign up go to [1]. Apply for mod under Mod Candidates as Mods are NEEDED BADLY!



  • Note: Nations in Personal Union (PU) are played by the same player.




North America

    • 30px New England - Orwell
    • 30px New York - Orwell
    • 30px Virginia - Orwell
    • 30px New Jersey - Orwell
    • 30px Maryland - Orwell
    • 30px Carolina - Orwell
    • Jamaica - Orwell
    • Bermuda - Orwell
    • Bahamas - Orwell
    • British Honduras - Orwell
    • Mosquito Coast - Orwell
    • Louisiana - bibleboyd316
    • Canada - bibleboyd316
    • Quebec - bibleboyd316
    • Haiti- bibleboyd316
    • Florida -
    • New Spain -
    • Cuba -
    • Puerto Rico -

South America

Add nations as you see fit.


  • One Nation per player (Nations don't include vassals).
  • One turn is a day or two days if people are slow. Turns go by years.
  • Mods decision is FINAL unless overturned by a higher mod.
  • Be Plausible! (ASBness will be deleted).
  • Have Fun!
  • Remember, this is a game starting on a WAR. There will be WARS.
  • Creator overturns Co-Head Mod


  • Creator - Template:Reclaimsig1
  • Algo Mod - Template:Reclaimsig1
  • East Asia Mod - Template:Reclaimsig1
  • Co-Head Mod - Applied
  • Mapmaker - Deutsch
  • West Europe Mod - NEEDED
  • South Europe Mod - NEEDED
  • East Europe Mod - NEEDED
  • West Asia Mod - NEEDED
  • Americas Mod - Orwell
  • Africa Mod - NEEDED
  • Plausibility Checker - Thisismacedon
  • Plausibility Checker 2 - NEEDED
  • MGOC Overseers:
    • 1. To be assigned
    • 2. To be assigned

Mod Candidates

  • Form:
    • Username:
    • Position Applying For:
    • Why you would be good in that position:
    • Nation Played or to be played

Deutschland Ost

  • Username: Deutschland Ost
  • Position Applying For: Mapmaker
  • Why you would be good in that position: I have the tools (MsPaint, Photoshop) and the experience, as I often make these sorts of maps in my spare time.
  • Nation Played or to be played: Prussia
  • Accepted


  • Username: Orwell
  • Position Applying For: Murica mod
  • Why you would be good in that position: I know my American history.
  • Nation Played or to be played: England
  • Accepted


  • Username: Thisismacedon
  • Position Applying For: Plausibility Checker
  • Why you would be good in that position: I know a lot from this time period and I have a lot of spare time to research.
  • Nation Played or to be played: Russia
  • Accepted


  • Username: Lafary
  • Position Applying For: Plausibility Checker 2
  • Why you would be good in that position: I know a lot about history.
  • Nation Played or to be played: Denmark-Norway
  • Waiting ...


See the algorithm and the battles here

The Game


The War of the Spanish Succession begins when Philip of Anjou claims the Spanish Throne.

Andorra is torn in half in between West Andorra (Bishop of Urgell), vassal of Austria, and East Andorra, Personal Union with France.

In China, ethnic Chinese rebel in the South saying China under the Chinese! They declare the Shun Dynasty.

Game starts Now! Have fun warring!.

  • England: We maintain neutrality in the Spanish conflict choosing our path. We offer a dynastic union and military alliance with the Dutch. We continue to send settlers to our American colonies. (mod response) We ask for a military alliance with Denmark-Norway, and Sweden in return for Scandinavian lands in Northern Canada. We expand settlements into Native lands which the Royal Army pacifies.
  • Prussia: We declare our support for Austria and West Andorra, raising a small army and routing it to Vienna for Austrian use.
  • Austria: We continue fighting the French.We wish to gain allies offering French and (maybe) Spanish land in return for support.
    • Aragon: Aragon decides to attack Granada and thus invades Andalusia.
    • West Andorra: West Andorra sends troops to aid against France.
  • The Imperial Government: The Emperor calls upon all nations of the HRE to help fight the evil French.
  • Sweden: We declare neutrality in the Spanish war due to a lack of interest. We also accept the military alliance with England so long as they support us over Denmark-Norway. We also move soldiers into Finland and our Baltic territories to discourage revolt.


The Battle of Granada goes on but an Austrian Victory is soon to come. Dun, dun, dun.

Qing Dynasty China conquers the Trinh lords of North Vietnam.

  • Denmark-Norway: Denmark-Norway accepts the military alliance with England, provided England gives me land in North America. The nation declares support for King Charles VI and the Crown of Aragon, thus sending reinforcements to the Battle of Granada. Proposals are made for trade routes to Portugal and Austria [Mod and Player Response Needed].
  • Portugal: We agree to Denmark-Norway's offer of trading and start trading olives and wine with them. We build a new caravel, upgrade masonry skills, improve coastal olive farming and recruit 50 more sailors. We offer a trade deal to Monaco and Parma [Mod and Player Response Needed].
  • Qing Dynasty: We take a neutral stance on the War of Spanish Succession. We conquer the Trinh lords of North Vietnam, naming the new province Beiyue. We propose trade routes from China to the Dutch East Indies and Dutch Ceylon. [Mod and Player Response Needed.]
    • Mod Comment: Just thought I'd point out that the Southern China is revolting against you as the Shun.
  • Ethiopia: Inter-tribal unity is encouraged, religion is promoted and we try to expand the economy. We offer a trade deal to the Swahili tribes and city-states in what is now today's coastal Kenya. [Mod Response Needed].
    • Mod Response: They accept.


North Vietnam defects to the Shun.

The Austrians take Granada!

  • Austria: We encourage neutral Spanish leaders to join us and not the usurping French.We accept the trade deal with Denmark-Norway.
    • Aragon: We cement control over Andalusia.
    • West Andorra: We attack the East Andorrans (Algo pending).
    • Qing Dynasty: We realize how side-tracked we were in trying to take North Vietnam, when it only added to the Shun territory. We set our tracks in the right direction and attack the revolt, but our troops get blocked by the Shun army at the border of the revolt territory at Shaoguan. We fight against the Shun forces and defeat them at Shaoguan, then continue our southward march.
  • Mod Note:No new turns until more players post.
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