Wars Edit

Spanish-Moroccan War Edit

Turn One


  • Location:+5 On the country border
  • Tactics:Attacker: +2
  • Strength: (6*2)+6+8+7+5+5+3-3=43
  • Chance:N/A(I don’t know what to do)
  • Motive: Expansion +3
  • Morale: -5
  • Internal: Constitutional Monarchy- +2

Total:+50/2 fronts and is front leader= +25


  • Location:+6 if the the front of the war is within the country
  • Tactics:5+5=10
  • Strength:(1*2)+1+2-3=2
  • Chance:N/A(What do you do?)
  • Motive:Life or Death: +12
  • Morale:+2
  • Internal:-4(Is an absolute monarchy although there are many chieftains are autonomous)

Total:+28/2 fronts and is front leader=+14

Greek-Bulgiran War Edit

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