This map game begins in 1933, with the rise of Nazi Germany, Japan and Fascist Italy. Yet for all we know, depending on your actions, these powers may never get to what they got to OTL. And also, there is a chance that new powers could rise! New places could become hotbeds of Fascism and Communism! Will you remain but a poor, minor power in this Rise of the Axis? Or will you get great power, and persevere in this Rise of the Axis?

Rules Edit

Each Turn is 0.5 years long.

No sexist or racist comments.

When you get nukes, do not get ASB with their use and ruin the game.

Nations Edit

Afghanistan - Kingdom of Afghanistan

Albania - Albanian Kingdom

Andorra - Principality of Andorra

Argentina - Argentine Republic

Australia - Commonwealth of Australia (Dominion of the British Empire)

Austria - Federal State of Austria

Belgium - Kingdom of Belgium

Bolivia - Republic of Bolivia

Brazil - Republic of the United States of Brazil

Bulgaria - Kingdom of Bulgaria

Canada - Dominion of Canada

Chile - Republic of Chile

China - Republic of China

Colombia - Republic of Colombia

Costa Rica - Republic of Costa Rica

Cuba - Republic of Cuba

Czechoslovakia - Czechoslovak Republic

Danzig - Free City of Danzig

Denmark - Kingdom of Denmark

Dominican Republic

Republic of Ecuador

 Egypt - Kingdom of Egypt

El Salvador - Republic of El Salvador

Estonia - Republic of Estonia

Ethiopia - Ethiopian Empire

Finland - Republic of Finland

France - French Republic

Germany - German Reich - Bearcavalry

Greece - Hellenic Republic

Guatemala - Republic of Guatemala

Honduras - Republic of Honduras

Hungary - Kingdom of Hungary

 Iceland - Kingdom of Iceland

Iraq - Kingdom of Iraq

Ireland - Irish Free State

Italy - Kingdom of Italy

 Japan - Empire of Japan

Latvia - Republic of Latvia

Liberia - Republic of Liberia

Liechtenstein - Principality of Liechtenstein

Lithuania - Republic of Lithuania

Luxembourg - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Mexico - United Mexican States

Monaco - Principality of Monaco

Mongolia - Mongolian People's Republic

 Nepal - Kingdom of Nepal

Netherlands - Kingdom of the Netherlands

Newfoundland - Dominion of Newfoundland (Dominion of the British Empire)

New Zealand - Dominion of New Zealand (Dominion of the British Empire)

Nicaragua - Republic of Nicaragua

Norway - Kingdom of Norway

Panama - Republic of Panama

Paraguay - Republic of Paraguay

Persia - Imperial State of Persia

Peru - Peruvian Republic

Poland - Republic of Poland

Portugal - Portuguese Republic

Romania - Kingdom of Romania

San Marino - Most Serene Republic of San Marino

Saudi Arabia - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Siam - Kingdom of Siam

South Africa - Union of South Africa

Soviet Union - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Spain - Spanish Republic

Sweden - Kingdom of Sweden

Switzerland - Swiss Confederation

Turkey - Republic of Turkey

United Kingdom - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland- Orwell

 United States - United States of America

Uruguay - Eastern Republic of Uruguay

Vatican City State

Venezuela - United States of Venezuela

 Yemen - Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen

Yugoslavia - Kingdom of Yugoslavia

Other States  Edit

 East Turkestan - Turkish Islamic Republic of East Turkestan (from November 12)

Jiangxi - Chinese Soviet Republic

Manchukuo - State of Manchuria

Tavolara - Kingdom of Tavolara


Tuva - Tuvan People's Republic

Non Sovereign Territories Edit

Australian Antarctic Territory (Uninhabited external territory, from June 13)

Norfolk Island - Territory of Norfolk Island (External territory)

Papua - Territory of Papua (External territory)

Belgian Congo (Colony)

Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (Anglo-Egyptian condominium)

New Hebrides (Anglo-French condominium)

Greenland (Possession of Denmark)

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