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Basic British Empire InformationEdit

  • 'Capital City: 'London.
  • 'Drives on the: 'Left.
  • 'Official Languages: 'English (regional- Irish in Ireland, French in Quebec, Hindi and Urdu in British India. Malay in Malaya, Afrikaans in S. Africa and Chines in Hong Kong).
  • 'Largest Cities/Metro: 'London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bombay and Melbourne Metro Areas.
  • Population: 46,089,249, in Britain, 4,000,000 in Australia, about 4,500,000 in  Ireland, about 250,000,000 in British India and about 40,000,000 in the rest of the empire.
  • 'Main Exports: 'Wheat, coal, cloth, clothes, trains, steel, lamb, wool, gold, wood, manual machines (like horse drawn plows), iron and ships.
  • Main Imports: 'Leather, iron ore, beef, oil, early electric machinery (telephones and alike) and copper.'
  • 'Adult literacy rate :' 95% in Britain  and 78% in the Dominions; 75% in Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland; but only about 20% in British India and Malaya. About 10% else-ware.
  • Major oil and coal fields: Yorkshire, Alberta, Bihar, South Wales and Central Scotland coal fields. Oil rumoured to be in Kuwait protectorate and British held parts of Persia.
  • 'Full armed?: 'No.
  • Military strength: 600,000 British, 68,000 S. Africans, 125,000 Canadians, 1,000 Newfoundlanders, 6,000 South Nigerians, 1,500 Malayans, 418,000 Australians, 515,000 British Indians, 550 Nepaliese Ghurkas, 20,000 New Zealanders and 42,200 from the rest of empire. Italic text = Maximum call up trength achived.
  • 'Military Organizations: 'The Triple Entente with France and Russia. The Treaty of Constantinople of 1832 and the London Conference of 1832 with Greece. The Entente Cordiale with France. The Treaty of London of 1867 and Treaty of London of 1839 with Belgium and Luxembourg. The Treaty of Windsor with Portugal. Other bilateral deals also done with Japan, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Luxembourg and China.
  • 'Prepared For War?: 'Yes.
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