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Basic British Empire InformationEdit

  • 'Capital City: 'London
  • 'Drives on the: 'Left
  • 'Official Languages: 'English (regional- Irish in Ireland, French in Quebec, Hindi and Urdu in British India and Chines in Hong Kong)
  • 'Largest Cities/Metro: 'London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bombay and Melbourne Metro Areas
  • Population: UK- 46,089,249, about 250,000,000 in British India and 40,000,000 in the rest of the empire.
  • 'Main Exports: 'Coal, cloths, trains, steel, lamb, wool, gold, wood, manual machines (like horse drawn plows), iron and ships.
  • Main Imports: 'Wheat, iron ore, beef, oil, early electric machinery (telephones and alike) and copper.'
  • 'Adult literacy rate : '78% in the UK and the Dominions; 75% in Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland; but only about 20% in British India and about 10% else-ware
  • Major oil and coal fields- Yorkshire, Alberta, Bihar, South Wales and Central Scotland coal fields. Oil rumoured to be in Kuwait protectorate.
  • 'Full armed? 'Yes
  • Military strength? UK-400,000 and 100,000 from the rest of empire
  • 'Military Organizations. 'The Triple Entente with France and Russia. Other bilateral deals also done with Japan, France and Luxembourg and China.
  • 'Prepared For War? 'Yes

Basic Karoshan Empire InformationEdit

  • Capital city: Pretoska
  • Drives on the: Right
  • Official languages: Krav, Bulgarian, Russian
  • Largest cities: Malug, Pretoska, Brekonav, Sichuvnav, Nafitrov
  • Population: 3,554,062
  • Main exports: Coal, iron ore, lumber, textiles, grain, fish
  • Main imports: Oil, gas
  • Adult literacy rate: 75% (including the Arctic territories)
  • Major oil and coal fields: Krav Mountains Coal Fields, chiefly Mount Apollinarius coal mines. No oil fields in any Karoshan territories.
  • Military strength: est. 12,000
  • Military organizations: None, neutral
  • Prepared for war: Not for a worldwide war, but can participate in local wars if need be

Basic Dominion of South Africa InformationEdit

Capital: Caape Town

Drives on the left

Official languages: Dutch, English, Afrikaans

Largest cities: Cape Town, Pretroria, Bloemfonten, Petermaritzburg


main exports: Gold, platnium, natural gas, fishing

Main imports: Coal, Grain

Literacy rate: 85%

Major Gold fields: barberton, Pilgrims rest

Prepared for war: Not for a worldwide war, but a african war or Few on Few war

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