This Map game is now closed since it was not edited for 7 days in a row!

This game has been closed, you cannot edit it anymore.

The year is 2050, the nations off the world war with each other, some do, and some do not, will you lead your nation to victory or collapse?

Welcome to World of Warfare!


Before playing you need to read these rules, the normal rules, mod rules, map rules and colony rule please!, thank you

  1. Please be plausible!, your implausible post will get crossed out
  2. 5 Implausibilities and YOU ARE BANNED!
  3. Nukes are allowed, but please don't overuse them like this (example:United States of America: We launch nukes on Moscow, Hong Kong, Delhi, Tokyo, Cairo and Rio de Janeiro, don't do it like that, it will be crossed out
  4. Every turn is one year until 2200, from then it will be 10 years
  5. One day is one turn, expect Dip turns, they can be posted on the same turn countless off times
  6. Editing previous turns is cheating, which will give you a 1 day ban
  7. Every 10 years will be archived so people will not have to scroll down much
  8. One Nation per player
  9. Mods will help so implausibility will not happen
  10. DO NOT INSULT OTHER USERS!, doing so will give you a ban, depending how you insulted
  11. No major implausibility or ASBness
  12. Only Mods may do Mod Events hence the name, however non-mods can comment on ASB-Mod Events
  13. Battleships can be made in the middle of the 2100s, however small spaceships (like today's spaceships) can be made untill then
  14. If you make insults to other users (see rule 10) and do not stop after your ban will expire then you will be banned for 3 weeks, and then 1 month, and then a permament ban
  15. No major ASBness and implausibilty like Finland invading europe in 1 year etc
  16. An Invasion cannot be for one turn
  17. If mods will not be active then feel free to sign up :-)!, but you need to be experienced
  18. Mods word is law, unless proven wrong
  19. Research your nations history on sites like Wikipedia
  20. The Golden Rule: Treating others as you want to be treated... IS NOT IT!, but be plausible, and have fun!

Mod RulesEdit

  1. Mods can be voted to be removed by popular vote, but you need to say why you want him to be removed
  2. Do not insult other users, doing this will get you removed as mod
  3. Its the mods responsibillity that implausibility will not happen
  4. Do NOT abuse your Mod powers

Map RulesEdit

  1. Only Mods can edit the map game, doing so being a non-mod will get you a 3 day ban
  2. Mods will have to make a Solar System map by 2135

Colony RulesEdit

  1. No Colonies untill 2070, unless Jovian Colonies
  2. Mars Colonies can begin in the 2095
  3. Jovian Colonies can begin in 2065
  4. Moon Colonies can begin in 2060
  5. Asteroid Colonies can begin in 2055
  6. Triton Colonies can begin in 2070
  7. Saturn Colonies can begin in 2120
  8. Mars can get independence in 2110
  9. Jovian Colonies can get Independence in 2080
  10. Moon Colonies can get independence in 2070
  11. Asteroid Colonies can get Independence in 2105
  12. Triton Colonies can get Independence in 2100


Creator: User:Likercat (talk) 21:32, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

Mapmaker: Emperor Eric XV of Sweden - Sugar Rush Art Eric von Schweetz, You Young and Sweet Boy! To Sugar Rush! Flag of Sweden

Mod: Tech, Lord of Rotterdam, Defender of Holland (talk)





Junior Mod: Ace009 (talk) 16:30, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

Wall of ShameEdit

If you are banned you will be here


World Map

World in 2050

Mapmakers will edit this


Here you can sign up as your nation

Bolded means that only Mods or users that have more that 1000 edits can have them

two asterisk's mean rebel nations


EU - Tech, Lord of Rotterdam, Defender of Holland (talk)

Balkan Union -

Kosovo -

Macedonia -

Bulgaria -

Greece - 

Switzerland -

Sweden - 

Norway -

Finland -

Russia (on the brink off civil war) -

  • People's Republic of Siberia**-
  • Greater Chukotka**-

More will be added later


Republic of China -

Korea -

Japan - Emperor Eric XV of Sweden - Sugar Rush Art Eric von Schweetz, You Young and Sweet Boy! To Sugar Rush! Flag of Sweden

India -

Nepal -

Greater Vietnam - 

Bhutan -

Thailand - 

Indonesia - 

Malaysia -

Brunei - 

Afghanistan -

Iran - 

Kurdistan -

Iraq -

Israel -

Palestine - 

Arabian Republic -

  • Islamic State of Arabia**-
  • Nationalist Republic of Oman-Yemen**-

Lebanon - 

Georgia-Azerbajian -


Egypt - 

Lybia - 

Islamic Republic of Algeria -

Tunisia -

Morocco -

West Saharan Republic -

Mali -

People's Democratic Republic of Mauritania -

West African Federation -

Eastern African Federation -

United Republic of Sudan -

  • Islamic Brotherhood of Sudan**-

Greater Nigerian Republic -

Chad -

Republic of the Congo -

Greater Somaliland - 

Kenya -

Free Republic of Cameroon -

Tanzania -

Zambia -

Greater Zimbabwe -

Madagascar -

Angola -

United States of South Africa - User:Likercat (talk) 13:12, September 9, 2014 (UTC)

North AmericaEdit

United States of America - - CSA Stars and Bars Confederate Flag Eastest566 (talk)

  • United States of Aztlán**- Ace009 (talk) 13:39, September 6, 2014 (UTC)
  • Texas**-

Canada -

Quebec - 

Mexico - 

United States of Central America -

South AmericaEdit

Gran Colombia - 

Venezuela - 

Peru -

Bolivia - 

Chile -

Argentina - 

Brazil - 


Australia - 

New Zealand - 

Palau - 

Pacific Federation -


  • Some Nations added. User:Likercat (talk) 11:28, September 7, 2014 (UTC)
  • Users are free to pick Portugal, Czech, Denmark, Belarus, Ukraine and Turkey, as the current EU player(me), doesn't neccessarily want to play as them. Please do note that they are not independent. Tech, Lord of Rotterdam, Defender of Holland (talk) 12:19, September 7, 2014 (UTC)

The GameEdit

The Game has started! all engines are go!


The Siberian and Chukotkan Rebellions are getting stronger and Russia is very near to Civil War

The EU has been united into the European Federation consisting of all europe expect Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Balkan Union, Kosovo, Switzerland and Finland, there are plans on uniting all of europe

The United States of Aztlan highly consider declaring independence. 

Japan: Begins to upgrade our industry, economy and build up our military. To defend Japan from attacking invaders, the emperor of Japan wants to rename from Japan Self-Defense Forces to Imperial Japanese Armed Forces and the Japanese army has updated its armor, including an future samurai armor with Japan's national colors. They also added a new higher military robot like Jaeger from the film Pacific Rim, but is called Shugārabot. All two military units plus computer technology are made by other Japanese military companies. In popular culture, the Japanese amine and other cartoons becomes to be very popular and cutest in rest of the world, plus Mario and Sonic's girl characters (from group girls in Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games) becomes all sweetest of all time.

Be realistic Eric. I was considering cutting off your future samurai armor, but that can go through.

EU: With the EU just having united, we rename ourselves to the European Federation. The capital of the EF is not Brussel, but Rotterdam. The first president is Alfred Müller, a German. We request an alliance with the USA. The Japanese culture actually has very little effect and influence in the EF, in contrast to most other nations. 

  • 'Baltic Union: 'Since we united, our economy has improven. We ask the EUfor an alliance. We improve our Economy and Indutry and build up our Military and Navy.
  • We don't need an alliance, you're part of the EF, so you don't need an alliance

United States Dip:, our economy has improven. We ask the EUfor an alliance. We improve our Economy and Indutry and build up our Military and Navy.

United States: We are building up our military and economy. We state that if the Aztlan declares independence, there will be a war breaking out against them. We ask all nations for an alliance.


The United States of Áztlan declare independence from the US and start the Áztlan War of Independence

The EF states that the elections will have a 5-year cycle, next election being 2055

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