Yạths̄ụḥāxi Federal Republic

Timeline: Galactica Revisited
Yathsuhaxi Flag (Galactica Revisited)
Flag of Yạths̄ụḥāxi
Capital: Zorikhāwa
Other cities: Tiankoro, Ayutxaya, Chonburi, Kalazin
Language: Yạths̄ụḥāxi, Qinese
Religion: Maharavada, Thuxumozami
Demonym: Yạths̄ụḥāxian
Type of government: Unitary Presidential Constitutional Republic
President: Thakaḥachi Ritsukoa
Prime Minister: Xāzoadāni Chizukoa
Currency: Yạths̄ụḥāxi Yuxan

The Yạths̄ụḥāxi Federal Republic is a nation in the Milky Way Galaxy.


The Yạths̄ụḥāxi have been in existence since around 2,725,000 years ago, and their home planet is known as Raisoaka. By around 200,000 years ago the first few nations were formed such as Qin, the Srivixya, and Chotoaku. Over time, several wars was fought between the separate nations, though both the Qin and Chotoaku eventually became the major superpowers on the planet. A Cold War had developed around 135,000 between the two in fighting over control for influence and resources. However, peace was eventually made between the Qin and Chotoaku around 100,000, ending the long Cold War and the start of cooperation between the two.

Finally around 75,000 years ago, both the Qin and Chotoaku, along with the remaining nations, united into one nation, and established the Yạths̄ụḥāxi Federal Republic. Since then, they advanced in technology rapidly and soon went on to expand outside of their planet.


The Yạths̄ụḥāxi are humanoids though with two short horns on the top of their head. The height averages around 1.9 metres for both genders. The Yạths̄ụḥāxi are Omnivores and eat various plants and animals.


The Yạths̄ụḥāxi culture is vaguely similar to the Thai, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Indian cultures.


The official language is Yạths̄ụḥāxi. The language is written in the Yạths̄ụḥāxi Script, which vaguely resemble a mix of Thai Script and Japanese Hiragana. When spoken it vaguely sounds like a mix between Thai and Japanese.

Qinese is also an official language and is written in the Qinese Characters, which loosely resembles Chinese Characters. The Qinese Characters numbers around 50,000, with at least 5,000 being used for daily life, while the rest are used in business, law, and government. The strokes for the Qinese Characters range from 35 to as high as 78.

Both languages are read from right to left.


The main religion of the Yạths̄ụḥāxi is Maharavada and Thuxumozami. The Maharavada has similarities to Buddhism (though different). The Thuxumozami revolves around three goddesses; Toyoxiangu, Mikoato, and Qenzaiten.

Maharavada and Thuxumozami Temples and Shrines are seen throughout Yạths̄ụḥāxi and just about every city and town has at least three of each save for the smallest towns, which have one of each.

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