It is 2030, and there is a pretty big movement to bring back the days of a united Yugoslavia back. Meanwhile, Serbia wants to reclaim Kosovo. Much of the outside world has been unable to control this crisis, but if a genocide is about to happen, the UN might intervene.


Don't try anything stupid, don't proclaim a monarchy or an empire or anything like that

You can put whatever form of radical government in power, but expect the natural consequences for doing that.

No swearing or racial or homophobic slur.

Expect resistance to continue even after you finish an invasion, I doubt it will be the last you see of your enemy.

No country is immune from facing the Yugoslavian Movement (in this timeline, many want yugoslavia back because now the economic problems are unbearable and many want a centralized socialist state).

Expect the unexpected.

Sign upsEdit

NATO: -KawaiiKame

Eurasian Union: Wrto12

Yugoslavian Insurgent Movement: Warrioroffreedom123





Montenegro Not User:Octivian Marius


Bosnia - Lieutenant113

Kosovo: Bozistan

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